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NASA Diversity and Inclusion cover - Click to download PDF

NASA Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Implementation Plan

NASA’s D&I Plan is fully aligned with the President’s policy under Executive Order 13583.

Take a look inside!
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Title IX Cover - Click to download 24 MB PDF

Title IX & STEM: A Guide for Conducting Title IX Self-Evaluations

Take a look at NASA’s brand new publication, issued in commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of Title IX!

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(9 MB)

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(8.2 MB)

+ Open Title IX Data Analysis
(Excel file)

Title IX Cover - Click to download 24 MB PDF

Title IX & STEM: Promising Practices

Take a look inside ODEO’s publication on promising practices for Title IX and STEM!

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Language Acces Plan 2011 - Click to view PDF

NASA Language Access Plan

View our updated Language Access Plan, designed to help better ensure persons with limited English proficiency have meaningful access to NASA.

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Many documents on this site are available in Adobe PDF format. Get Adobe Reader

We lead the effort to make NASA a model Agency for diversity and
equal opportunity . . .

  Welcome to ODEO

Mission success requires every employee to be a valued, motivated, and highly functioning team member. ODEO plays a critical role in making that happen.

We do so by helping NASA to eliminate EEO barriers and workplace conflicts that can diminish trust, impair teamwork, compromise safety and ultimately undermine excellence.

The NASA Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity

NASA provides an environment that honors integrity, excellence, teamwork, fairness, and equity. We strive to exemplify in all of our decision making the principle that employees have the freedom to compete on a fair and level playing field. We will continue to provide a workplace that is free from all forms of illegal discrimination, including harassment and retaliation. Upon request and as appropriate, we will continue to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. Above all, we must view our commitment to equal employment opportunity as a matter of personal integrity and accountability.

-- Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. NASA Policy
  Statement on Equal Employment Opportunity,
  January 13, 2017

Journeying beyond Earth’s orbit, as NASA is committed to do, will require a diverse team of many individuals with the best minds, the most comprehensive expertise, the broadest knowledge, the strongest talent, and the greatest integrity. As NASA’s Diversity and Inclusion Champion, I believe it is incumbent on every member of the NASA community to advocate for, promote, and most importantly, practice the principles of diversity and inclusion in everything that we do. This means making diversity and inclusion integral in our efforts to identify and develop the best talent, create and serve on high-performing teams, achieve scientific and engineering excellence, maintain integrity in all that we do, and ultimately, realize mission success.

-- Administrator Charles F. Bolden, Jr. NASA Policy
  Statement on Diversity and Inclusion,
  June 8, 2010

ODEO's Organizational Goals

In supporting mission success, we partner with our Center EO Offices, Diversity Managers, key Offices across the Agency, and external stakeholders to achieve the following goals:

Goal 1. Advance NASA's efforts to be a model Agency for equal employment opportunity (EEO), including fostering NASA’s workforce diversity, eliminating EEO barriers and deficiencies, and addressing EEO concerns.

Goal 2. Engage the Agency in proactive equal opportunity (EO) and diversity-inclusion initiatives and programs to enhance workplace productivity and efficiency.

Goal 3. Advance EO in NASA-funded science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and related programs in contributing to the Agency's STEM pipeline development.

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NASA’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures

NASA’s Anti-Harassment Campaign

NASA’s Anti-Harassment Campaign is an initiative designed to increase the safety and success of our workforce and mission through a greater focus on taking all reasonable steps to prevent harassing conduct and to promptly and effectively address it when it occurs.

Acting Administrator’s Message on the NASA Anti-Harassment Campaign


AHP Campaign Web Featurette
(PDF - Accessible version coming)

NASA Model EEO Agency Play FY12-13

A Strategic Approach to Special Emphasis Program Management

A Strategic Approach to Special Emphasis Program Management is guidance from ODEO that offers EEO practitioners a strategic approach to reinventing the Special Emphasis Program (SEP) model for the 21st century NASA workplace. The Guidance helps to leverage SEP synergies with the newer diversity and inclusion (D&I) model, along with the more traditional legal compliance function. The Guidance outlines the roles and responsibilities that are expected of NASA SEP managers, as well as the constituency groups for which NASA will have SEPs.

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NASA Model EEO Agency Play FY12-13

Promising Practices for Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Promising Practices for Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion describes the many ways NASA is advancing the principles and practices of EO and D&I. It provides examples of Agency and Center programs aimed at ensuring diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in NASA’s many internal and external activities.

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NASA Model EEO Agency Play FY12-13

The Model EEO Agency Plan

The Model EEO Agency Plan is NASA’s strategic means for identifying and eliminating barriers to equal employment opportunity at NASA. The Plan, required by EEOC Management Directive 715, is updated and submitted to EEOC on an annual basis.

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CMP link to Conflict Management Program

EEO/SxO Complaint Processes

Learn more about the process for filing complaints of discrimination.

Find out about NASA's parallel-EEO process for complaints based on sexual orientation (SxO).

EEO Complaints Process

SxO Complaints Process
+ FAQ - View PDF (114 KB)

Conflict Management Program

Conflict Management Program

Learn today’s creative ways to recognize and resolve workplace conflicts.

CMP is a comprehensive Agencywide program to more strategically address workplace conflict through early engagement, enhanced communication and conflict resolution skills.

+ CMP Brochure (NASA Only)

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Check out ODEO’s publications:

ADR and Supervisors
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ADR and Employees
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(NASA Only)

NASA’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures

Anti-Harassment Brochure and FAQs

Check out ODEO’s publication, NASA Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures: Striving for a Work Environment Free From Harassment.

+ VIew PDF (548 KB) (NASA Only)

Read our FAQs on NASA’s Anti-Harassment Policy and Procedures.

+ View PDF (79 KB)

Our Center and HQ Anti-Harassment Coordinators

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ODEO Perfomance Indicators

Diversity and EEO Performance Indicators

ODEO has developed indicators to help rating officials evaluate the diversity and EEO performance of managers and supervisors, under the critical element of “Leading and Managing People."

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(NASA Only)

Endeavor Logo - Links to newsletter (361 KB)

ODEO Endeavor Newsletter

Take a look inside the latest edition of ODEO's newsletter.

Winter/Spring 2017
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